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We are in the agriculture and horticulture line of trade for the last 75 years through three generations, based out of Assam, in the beautiful North East of India. We supply seed, plant care products, farming tools and equipment.
The urbanisation sweeping across our nation has unfortunately been distancing us from the Mother Nature, moving us away from one jungle (natural) into another (concrete)! The joy of growing a plant, plucking a fruit or seeing a butterfly fluttering around our home is fast getting rarer. The essence of being connected with the nature for relishing a sense of leisure and idyllic living is fading fast. On one hand we now have tools and means to stay always connected with people and events but on the other we are gradually distancing ourselves from the healthy natural habitat.
During my working in the IT industry (Academically I am an engineer from Regional Engineering College, now NIT, Kurukshetra and learned business management at IIM Shillong) I was frequently confronted with the introspection “Am I really happy with what I am doing?” I would often reflect upon the relevance of the following lines of a poem by W H Davies:
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare

The long times spent on our farm fields made me realise more strongly every time that I should be venturing into this field. It became quite obvious – I had to marry our family’s experience and heritage in agriculture with my acquired skills in information technology and business management. Thus the seed to this website you are browsing was sowed :)

This website is an effort to rebuild the deteriorating bridge between Us and the Nature. It is intended for anyone who would like to plant a seed – from amateurs to serious gardeners, from executives to hobbyists, from housewives to teachers. I hope you will enjoy browsing the website and experience the delight of Growing Your Own! Most importantly, keep well!

Greetings of the season and wish you very happy gardening!

A Khan
Founder, Flora Fields Seeds






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