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  Cherry Tomato Mix Collection Perfect for a quick fresh bite or as a delightful..
Rs 399
Cherry Tomato Yellow Pear
  Very cute looking, beloved for heavy clusters of small, pear-shaped, yellow tomatoes. ..
Rs 99
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Cherry Tomato: Chadwick Cherry
  Possibly the best overall Cherry Tomato, selected by English horticulture genius Alan ..
Rs 129
Cherry Tomato: Italian Red Cherry
  This is a terrific strain of cherry tomato characterised by small, round, cherry-sized..
Rs 129
Cherry Tomato: Large Red Cherry
  This is a gardener's delight producing abundant large cherries. Produces the kind of r..
Rs 119
Cherry Tomato: Sunsugar Hybrid
  This orange cherry tomato may be the sweetest tomato available. It has won many awards..
Rs 149
  Mammoth Heirloom Garden Tomato Mix Collection Fascinated by the huge juicy tom..
Rs 699
Tomato Big Rainbow
  Stunning shades of gold to scarlet and everything in between make this heirloom variet..
Rs 119
Tomato Black Krim (OG)
  Russian heirloom from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Flattened 4-5 in globes with ..
Rs 129
Tomato Brandywine (OG)
  Brandywine's luscious flavour is described as "very rich, loud, and distinctively spic..
Rs 129
Tomato Brandywine Pink
  Meaty with just the perfect hint of tartness, the oblate beefsteak fruits average righ..
Rs 119
Tomato Brandywine Yellow
  Large slightly ribbed ½ kg. fruits with an identifiable ring scar at the blossom end. ..
Rs 119
Tomato Carbon
  Winner of the 2005 USA Heirloom Garden Show best tasting tomato award. These have won ..
Rs 129
Tomato Cherokee Purple
  No list of the best-tasting heirloom tomatoes would be complete without Cherokee Purpl..
Rs 129
Tomato Classic Beefsteak
  Whenever one thinks of heirloom tomatoes the classic beefsteak is the variety that mus..
Rs 119
Tomato Costoluto Genovese
  Sweet deeply ribbed fruits making a wonderful stuffer and slicer, also commonly used a..
Rs 99
Tomato Cuore di Bue
  Famous European heirloom tomato, Cuore di Bue is beefsteak type producing fruits shape..
Rs 129
Tomato Garden Peach
  For well over a century savvy gardeners have treasured the Peach’s little fruits! Slig..
Rs 129
Tomato German Johnson (OG)
  Excellent flavour. Deep pink tomatoes are earlier, more uniform, and slightly smaller ..
Rs 129
Tomato Great White (OG)
  This heirloom is the finest and the largest of the white tomatoes. Produces wonderful ..
Rs 129
Tomato Hillbilly
  Absolutely gorgeous slicing tomato. Sweet juicy 4-6 in. flattened fruits. Big, bi-colo..
Rs 119
Tomato Indigo Rose (OG)
  The darkest tomato bred so far! Fruits have high levels of antioxidants and are the fi..
Rs 129
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Tomato Japanese Black Pear Trifele (OG)
  Unusual pear shape and burgundy colour. Good yields of 100-150 gm. fruit with excellen..
Rs 129
Tomato Kellogg's Beefsteak (OG)
  Many consider this heirloom tomato to be one of the best for flavour. Large ½ kg juicy..
Rs 129
Tomato Market Wonder
  This is a special tomato from Italy, known as an essential variety in Europe for fresh..
Rs 119
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