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Tomato Black Krim (OG)
  Russian heirloom from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea. Flattened 4-5 in globes with ..
Rs 129
Tomato Brandywine (OG)
  Brandywine's luscious flavour is described as "very rich, loud, and distinctively spic..
Rs 129
Tomato German Johnson (OG)
  Excellent flavour. Deep pink tomatoes are earlier, more uniform, and slightly smaller ..
Rs 129
Tomato Great White (OG)
  This heirloom is the finest and the largest of the white tomatoes. Produces wonderful ..
Rs 129
Tomato Indigo Rose (OG)
  The darkest tomato bred so far! Fruits have high levels of antioxidants and are the fi..
Rs 129
Out Of Stock
Tomato Japanese Black Pear Trifele (OG)
  Unusual pear shape and burgundy colour. Good yields of 100-150 gm. fruit with excellen..
Rs 129
Tomato Kellogg's Beefsteak (OG)
  Many consider this heirloom tomato to be one of the best for flavour. Large ½ kg juicy..
Rs 129
Tomato Moscow (OG)
  Fruits are early, deep red and have luscious, rich flavour. Vines produce bunches of 1..
Rs 129
Tomato Mr Stripey (OG)
  This old heirloom tomato originally came from the hills of West Virginia and is absolu..
Rs 129
Tomato Nepal (OG)
  Smooth and flavourful in late season. The 250-300 gm. medium-large, globe-shaped, brig..
Rs 129
Tomato Old German (OG)
  Old German is a long-time favourite. Huge boat-shaped striped Mennonite heirloom tomat..
Rs 129
Tomato Pruden's Purple (OG)
  Early Brandywine type tomatoes with large to very large over ½ kg fruits that are flat..
Rs 129
Tomato Rose (OG)
  Deep pink and smoother than Brandywine, Rose is every bit as meaty and flavourful. A l..
Rs 149
Tomato Striped Cavern (OG)
  A striking, unique variety. Small, capsicum (bell pepper) - like tomatoes, red with go..
Rs 129
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