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Basil Spice Boys Collection
Ocimum basilicum Collection Indispensable culinary herb, in cultivation for more than 3,0..
Rs 399
  Cherry Tomato Mix Collection Perfect for a quick fresh bite or as a delightful..
Rs 399
Easy to grow Herbs
Collection Are you new to sowing herbs and not sure which ones to begin with? Then look no fu..
Rs 499
Flowering Herbs
Collection Selection of herbs that not only provide gorgeous floral appeal but also find exte..
Rs 599
Herbs for Tea
Collection Look forward to a cup of tea to relax after the end of the day or take a break at ..
Rs 599
Herbs for Windowsills
Collection Carefully selected variety of herbs that will do well in a bright window. These he..
Rs 499
  Mammoth Heirloom Garden Tomato Mix Collection Fascinated by the huge juicy tom..
Rs 699
Simon & Garfunkel
Collection You may wonder what has music got to do with herbs? Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Th..
Rs 399
Tomato Rainbow Mix
  Collection An assortment of some of the finest varieties of heirloom tomatoes of d..
Rs 699
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