Sunflower – Mammoth Striped
Sunflower – Mammoth Striped

Sunflower – Mammoth Striped


Helianthus annuus

Sunflower remains have been found dating back to 4,100 BC. Prized for their seeds by humans and birds and for cutflowers by market growers, sunflowers also add a light-hearted touch to gardens. For cutflowers harvest when the flowers are almost completely open. A traditional variety of giant 10 to 12 in. flower heads on single-stem with large seed heads. The one to grow if you want to eat the seeds.

 * Easy to grow  * Attracts butterflies, birds and bees  * Tolerates heat  * Tolerates drought

Uses: Cut flowers, Novel accent, Screen

Annual. Indicative height: 5 to 8 ft. Approx. 15 seeds

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Days to Germinate: 10 to 14

Germination Temperature: 18 to 27 (°C)

Sowing Media / Soil Type: Peaty

Sowing Depth: 1/4 in. to 1 in.

Sowing Method: Direct sow, transplant recommended

Water: Moderately depending upon the soil and climatic conditions – keep the soil moist but not too wet

Sun: Prefers full sun

Notes: Transplant seedlings when there are at least two sets of true leaves. Sunflowers don't like to have their roots disturbed but transplants often grow faster and flower sooner than direct seeded plants. Thin to best plant, 2 to 4 ft. apart for tall varieties and 1 ft. apart for dwarf varieties. Very tolerant of drought and poor soils, however, drought stunts growth. Rich friable soil yields tallest plants. If planted in partial shade, staking may be necessary to support plants, or plants can be pinched at planting to promote branching. If they are planted very close together, they may support themselves, but usually a heavy rain or strong wind will cause them to lean and they won't straighten up on their own. Will readily self-sow; for some fun leave a few volunteers in strategic locations. Can be sown in situ. Sunflower seeds are a favourite food of birds and rodents and may be eaten by them so protection needs to be provided from being eaten away. To improve germination seeds can be pre-chilled for 1 week. For Maximilianii cut back after flowering to the basal clump for continued bloom.

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