Bhut Jolokia
Bhut Jolokia Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia


World's hottest known chilli pepper, the Bhut (means ghost) is also known by many other popular names like Bhot Jolokia (Jolokia in Assamese means chilli or hot pepper), Naga Mirch, Raja Mirch, King Chilli, Ghost Chilli Pepper. It is native to Assam and Nagaland. Time and again it has been adjudged as World's hottest chilli/pepper. The pods turn from green to red as they ripen. The ripe pods are the hottest. Pungency: Extremely hot.
CAUTION: Seed and fruit (chilli pod) should be only handled wearing gloves. Extremely hot and can cause severe burning sensation.
Approx. 30 heirloom seeds
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Germination Temperature (Optimum):  25 to 33 °C     Max.:  38 °C    Min.:  18 °C

Days to Germinate:  7 to 15

Sowing Depth:  ¼ in.

Sowing Method: Direct sow, transplant recommended

Sowing Media: Well drained

Approx. Seeds Per 10 Gram:  1,000

Indicative Avg. Plant Height:  2 to 3 ft.

Spacing In Row:  2 to 3 ft.

Spacing Between Rows:  3 to 4 ft.

Water: Moderately depending upon the soil and climatic conditions – keep the soil moist but not too wet.

Sun: Prefers full sun 

Avg. Days to Maturity:  120 to 180, varies depending upon the planting season

Notes:  Sow immediately - storage of seed reduces seed vitality. Seeds should not be allowed to become completely dry. Do not allow soil to dry off. Young seedlings as well as the plants are susceptible to damping off so do not over water. Use sterilised soil or peat mixes to limit contamination from fungal infection. Bhut Jolokia loves warm / hot and humid weather and plenty of sunlight and  prefers well-drained, sandy loam soil. They germinate and grow much like tomatoes and brinjals. Plants are tender, dislike windy spots, will not set fruit in cold or extremely hot temperatures or in drought conditions. Black plastic cover during dry season is highly recommended. Pick first when the pods reach full size to increase total yield significantly. Ideal germination temperature is 29 °C. Emergence can take 21 days at 18°C and 9 days at 25-33°C. CAUTION: Seeds should be handled only after wearing gloves.



Less number of seeds are needed for the same area if seedlings are transplanted or other intensive methods such as beds are used. For quickest emergence sow close to the middle of the optimum temperature range. Expect poor, slow and uneven germination if you plant below or above the optimum temperature range. Information provided for guidance only and may vary from one cultivar to another.

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